The Very Thought of You was romantic installation: a scenographic ballroom temporarily transplanted onto the site of a public park. Designed for the Michigan Arts League and Carr Center Summer in the Park program, the project rotated the park's permanent stage to capture lighting effects and a view of the host institution. A light steel structure was dressed with a double-sided perforated vinyl. The white layer expressed classical ornament borrowed from the Carr Center third floor ballroom. The pink imaged a pattern designed in collaboration with the Carr Center's curatorial team. A diachroic chandelier cast color on the hardscape.  The installation served as a backdrop for Detroit’s Public Broadcasting Network weekly music performances, and hosted the Detroit Design Festival's closing party.


Detroit, Michigan, 2014


Project Leads: Anya Sirota, Jean Louis Farges


Design Team: Kallie Sternburgh, Peter Halquist, Annelise Heeringa


Production Team: Andrew Kremers, Ryan Mason, Eric Howard, Eric Harman, Matthew Story, Jakkrit Jannakhon, Rubin Quarcoopome, Jayne Choi



This project was made possible through a grant from the Carr Center. Special thanks to Oliver Ragsdale.