ONE Mile was a multi-disciplinary collaborative effort to support the cultural production and socio-economic activity of Detroit’s epic North End neighborhood. Envisioned as a light-footed, adaptable cultural infrastructure, ONE Mile hosted hundreds of events, exhibits, workshops, and performances, by creating numerous ephemeral public spaces and experimental environments.


Over the course of four years, ONE Mile helped catalyze over 2 million dollars of investment in the neighborhood. The project creating dozens of short-term job opportunities for artists and residents, and offered a platform for local, national, and international dissemination and recognition for the North End's cultural activity.


O.N.E. Mile

Detroit, Michigan, 2014-2018


Project Leads: Jean Louis Farges, Anya Sirota


Community Partners: Halima Cassells, Bryce Detroit


Landscape Architect: Christophe Ponceau


Participants: Allen Gillers, Alvina Renfrow, Amp Fiddler, Annelise Heeringa, Andrea Daniel, Andrew Kremers, Billy Hebron, Carl ‘Butch’ Small, Carleton Golz, Caroline Petersen, Christophe Ponceau, Dames Brown, Danielle Weitzman, Dave Boggon, David Philpot, Dee Castelow, DJ G-Smooth, DJ Los, Duminie Deporres, Ejii "jimbo" Kim, Eric Harmon, Eric Howard, Gabe Gonzalez, Ian Donaldson, Ingrid Lafleur, Jaffer Kolb, James Folden, Jamii Tata, Jasmine Harris, Jason Lindy, Jennifer Kee, Jerry Hebron, Joe Johnson, Kalia Keith, Karen Harris, James Lesko, Kathryn Carethers, Kirk Donaldson, Kristen Collins, Dr. Makeeba Ellington, Marsha Music, Matthew Story, Mick Kennedy, Mike Clark “Agent X”, Missy Ablin, Nneka Jackson, Omar Bruce, Peter Halquist, Piper Carter, Rachel Mulder, Rich Richardson, Rosie O'Brien, Ryan Mason, Ryan Moritz, Sam Okolita, San Street Catering, Sarah Pavelko, Shae King, Stephen Gliatto, Steve Patton, Taylor Montgomery, TFO Horns, Tom Bray, Tony “T-Money” Green, Walter “Hazmat” Howard, Young-Tack Oh, and many others.



The project was made possible through a grant from ArtPlace America. Additional support provided by Creative Many Michigan.