My Love For You Burns All the Time was an exhibition of "Piranesian Bling" staged at the Soloway Gallery in Brooklyn, New York. Assembling a series of silver plated replicas depicting sublime architectural obsolescence from Detroit's iconic Packard Plant, the collection abstracted and revealed the notorious post-industrial behemoth’s chimerical appeal.


The constellation of derelict miniatures produced for the exhibit suggested that the Packard Plant’s stature and industrial uselessness may well have secured its self-referential monumentality. At a precarious moment in the building’s history, as buzz about imminent demolition continued to grow, the work served as commentary on contemporary fascination with representations of decay and the value of neglected sites in the collective optic. Included in the exhibition, alongside handsome reproductions of cropped remains and a sectional model created from Albert Kahn’s original drawings, Akoaki produced a video and an illustrated catalog.


Brooklyn, New York, 2012


Project Leads: Anya Sirota, Jean Louis Farges


Design Team: Allen Gillers, Bruce Findling, Lauren Bebry


Plating: Alex Belykh, Mark Cummiff


Gallery: Soloway


This project was made possible with support from the University of Michigan's Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning.