Electrofrost is an ongoing collaborative experiment that starts from a simple idea: the atmosphere is an abundant, ambient resource. Its particulates, gases, vapors, and invisible fields make up the ubiquitous ether that conditions experience. By calibrating those elements, the project cultivates and trains the ethereal production of frost, making the material environment visible.


Our current research looks at ways that architecture can literally design with frost. We’re testing how electrostatics effect the appearance and longevity of frost, both as an ornament and a thermal amenity. We’re designing new substrates, experimenting with electric fields, and considering ways that this ephemeral process can be applied to architectural scenarios.



Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning, 2015-present


Design Leads: Anya Sirota, Jean Louis Farges


Collaboration: Patrick Beauce, Meredith Miller


Consultant: Nilton Renno


Research Team: Annelise Heeringa, Matthew Story, Peter Halquist


Exhibition Production Team: Ryan Mason, YT Oh


This project was made possible through a Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning Research Through Making grant with additional support from the University of Michigan Office of Research.