CROP UP marked the first phase of planning at Detroit’s Oakland Avenue Farm with an exhibition curated by Akoaki and staged in a defunct supermarket. Featured the work of Detroit artists, performers, designers, and chefs, including: Dr. Kno, Emily Rogers, Andrew Black, Ute Petit, Nick George, and Maxcel Hardy, the exhibition opening suggested that architecture and planning might find ways to work in cohorts with local cultural producers in order to imagine a more enduring urban future. Free and open to the public, Crop Up also explored new ways of framing community engagement.



Detroit, Michigan, 2017


Project Leads: Anya Sirota, Jean Louis Farges


Design Team: Jonathan Watkins, Megan Mohney, Christopher Campell


Production Team: Gabrielle Tanneau, Lorie Bayen, Laurianne Carra, Fernand Bretillot, Louise Kalfas-Brat, Audrey Adellon, Lucas Rigney

Mayte Vega


Press: hyperallergic


This project was made possible through a grant from ArtPlace America. Additional support provided by Design Core Detroit and the Detroit Design Festival.