The P-Funk inspired Mothership is a mobile DJ booth and broadcast module launched in Detroit’s historic North End. Channeling the Afro-Futurist sensibility and playfulness of the legendary funk emblem, the Mothership is designed to activate underused architectures and landscapes. It also operates as an urban icon and media tool, making a case for Detroit's locally rooted cultural narratives.


Detroit, Michigan



Anya Sirota

Jean Louis Farges


Project team:

Andrew Kremers

Ian Donaldson

Peter Halquist


Fab lab:

Dustin Brugmann


With assistance from:

Eric Harman, Eric Howard, Ryan Mason, Annelise Heeringa, Matthew Story, Sydney Brown



YT Oh, DJ Los (original soundtrack)



SXSW Eco Place by Design Award, Art + Interaction 2015


Thanks and support:

ArtPlace America, Knight Arts Foundation, Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning, University of Michigan