Imaging Detroit, equal parts international film festival and pop-up agora, aimed to spark a conversation about the many ways Detroit has been portrayed over the last decade. It staged public debate and open speculation on how representation contributes to our urban imagination. In assembling a varied collection of works and guests, Imaging Detroit revealed the possibility of an ephemeral urbanization: the 36-hour event transformed Perrien Park into a vibrant civic space, complete with screenings, conversations, exhibit, food and leisure.

Imaging Detroit, 2012

Detroit, Michigan



Anya Sirota

Jean Louis Farges


In collaboration with:

Mireille Roddier

Project team:

Missy Ablin

Allen Gillers

James Chesnut

Christopher Reznich

Erika Lindsay

Brittany Gacsy

Lauren Bebry


With assistance from:

Angela Last, Jayna Zweiman, Mercedes Mejia, Gorham Bird, Max Obata, Matthew Story, Nate Doud, Marty Keeter, Virginia Black, Jennifer Komorowski, Danielle McDonough, Anais Farges, Tony Pins, Nate Oppenheim, Tom Bray


Thanks and support:

Research on the City, Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning, University of Michigan