We lodged an immersive architectural environment into the boiler room of the 80,000sf abandoned Federal Screw Works plant. The installation, a response to the derelict context, provided a moment of surprise and punctuation to a choreographed event. A mysterious magenta void was carved from the perceived solid of the factory’s central space, generating a site of geometric complexity, chromatic contrast, and optical distortion. A series of precise cuts in the truncated spatial pyramids produced an effect of perspectival inversion, inviting the visitor to question the depth, dimension, and scale of this aberrant environment.


Inside the unsolicited pavilion, titled General Manifold, visitors encountered a 6-channel soundscape consisting of spatially localized and syncopated industrial sounds layered over readings of seminal ruin texts from the 18th and 19th centuries (John Ruskin, Viollet le Duc, Bernadin de St Pierre, Denis Diderot). The soundscape was produced in collaboration with Playboy cover model and radio host Brandie Moses. Viewing the installation from an exterior perspective, the space appeared turned inside-out - a poor man's homage to Anish Kapoor’s Leviathan.




Chelsea, Michigan



Anya Sirota

Jean Louis Farges


In collaboration with:

Steven Christensen



Brandie Moses


Project team:

Bruce Findling

Chris Reznich

Brittany Gacsy


With assistance from:

Nate Doud, James Chesnut, Joe Gacsy, Kelsey Jensen, Virginia Black, Jeeeun Ham, Kyung Jin Hong, Sydney Brown


Thanks and support:

Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning, the University of Michigan, John Langs